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Carol Hutchison

Hi my name is Carol. I am originally from Aberdeen but now in Inverness working for Out of the Box. In 1997 I had the privilege of working with a Christian Organisation called Scripture Union based in Inverness working in the Highlands and Islands. This year based programme gave me good grounding of Highland life which I thoroughly enjoyed, visiting churches and schools in remote locations.

In 2003, I was amazed to find myself setting up life in Belfast to start my Diploma at the Bible College, amongst other things the college had me placed within churches in Belfast, Romania and Liverpool. The training and experience from that college was one that supported and enhanced my experience of the job that followed, working for my home church of Sheddocksley Baptist Church in Aberdeen as Community Worker for Children and Young People. My job description was to work within the community establishing the community with the church and the church with the community through being the schools chaplain for both primary and secondary, delivering assemblies, RME classes, attending and creating clubs for children and young people, attending family groups, holiday clubs, prayer spaces...the church encouraged me to be creative in the post. Sheddocksly Baptist Church to this day is still very supportive towards me and OOTB financially and prayerfully, we are so thankful to them for all their support.

After six years with Sheddocksly my journey took a different turn as I came to be employed Part Time with OOTB in October 2011. It has been exciting to be part of highland life again and getting to know people, churches, schools and groups within the Highlands and Islands. It's also been amazing to link my past experiences to the present and looking forward to the adventures that are still to come.