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Our work with Churches

Out of the Box are available to assist churches with their ministry to children in their local community. This could be anything from assisting a school chaplain with a school assembly to helping with a Holiday Club. We are keen to explore with churches, on an individual basis, how we might best be used in their context.

We have worked with a number of churches, from various denominations, all over Scotland.

Below you will find details of the kinds of things we have done with churches in the past and how much we would be looking to charge. If you are involved with a church and would like to have us along then please get in touch. If there is something you would like us to do that is not mentioned below then please do get in touch as we love having the opportunity to do something new.

What we can do in your church

Holiday Club
We would organise and lead a Holiday Club in your church. We work alongside a team of volunteers from your church to run the club for the children of your local community. We would be involved at every stage and offer training where appropriate. If you would like to see our Holiday Club Terms and Conditions please contact Chris Watt

Children's Work Training
We offer training sessions on various aspects of Children's Work, from leading a small group to using puppets in ministry.

Children's Clubs
Need help in getting a Children's Club started? Already have a Children's Club and are looking for something different to do on one of the nights?

Children's Address
A new face on a Sunday morning leading your children's address.

Family Praise Event
An event aimed at families featuring action songs, puppets and drama.

We generally charge around 150-200 per hour depending what we are doing. We never, however, want to let money get in the way of our work so please do contact us for prices. Thanks.