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Matthew Todd

Matthew is from a large family of seven children and grew up initially in Fife and then the Highlands of Scotland. He studied classical music for two years in Edinburgh and then Vocal Studies at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow for four years. Matthew then began a portfolio career as a professional performer, choral director, community musician, writer and film maker. He lives in Bishopbriggs his wife, Lisa, and two-year-old daughter, Christiana.

Matthew writes:

I have always had a passion for communicating Gospel Truth through creativity, especially to children and young people. I did a year as a ministry trainee with St Silas Church, Glasgow which was a wonderful opportunity to experience church ministry and grow in preaching and teaching. Studying at the Cornhill Training Course (Bible training) has also developed my growing confidence in God’s word and the love he feels for all his children.

Now, I am hugely blessed to be employed three days a week with Out of the Box. At last I have this unique opportunity to combine my creative and Gospel work as we pursue our mission of ‘inspiring children through performing arts'.